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Edith spends a lot of her time lying, sabotaging others or feeling sorry for herself, yet Goldstein finds the relatable moments.

7 at the TIFF Lightbox, chronicles the slow descent of Edith, an actor who is barely making an effort to find roles while classifying herself as a bona fide struggling artist.

It used to be my job to make people hit the dance floor and do the macarena or whatever.

In light of ' Canadian premiere, we gathered Goldstein, Dreimanis, Moondi, Robertson and Haywood — over the internet — to talk about getting the project going, casting Goldstein without an audition and how, exactly, Goldstein made such an acerbic character so likeable.

On getting started Brian Robertson (co-director): Pavan and I started thinking of a concept for the film after taking a few meetings with our executive producer, Ari Lantos at Serendipity Point Films. What we came up with was essentially what is: a character-driven narrative that takes place here in Toronto.

Parres grew up in Toronto, but her family roots are deeply set in Scandinavian and Danish culture, which has influenced her design aesthetic – characterized by simple sophistication and smart functionality.

What aisle do you spend the most time in at the grocery store? Benevolence is important to be, always be kind to others.

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Pavan pitched Leah the next night at a different show.

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