Are jaja and pacman dating

I grabbed my batman knapsack and shoved my beats, phone, camera, gum, etc. I grabbed a poptart from my cabinet and then grabbed my 3 suitcases and walking outside to my black mustang. I grabbed Pacman hand and looked over his fingers."Ouch, I think your gonna have some bruises on her hand " I sighed dropping his hand. "I exclaimed."You'll be the youngest girl to ever be on ABDC" Pacman smiled."How about we all go out to eat? I quickly looked back down at my phone and saw a message from Ja Ja. I sang/ rapped every single lyric as loud as I could, making sure none of the windows were open.

I threw my suitcases in the back and hopped in the front seat before leaving the hotel and driving off towards the airport. Suddenly Millie ran in to the room with a huge grin on the face."Guess who just made it to season six of ABDC! Today's Tuesday Why'd they call us just now? After the song was over I grabbed my poptart from my bag and began eating them, carefully.

My fingers skimmed over the screen protecter and immediatly picked up the Samsung galaxy S5 and brought it to my face. I grabbed some clothes and my makeup before heading into my bathroom. I cleaned my hair, shaved and washed by body before getting out and drying off.

I wrapped on my towels around my waist and put another one on my head.

They performed to a mastermix of BEP's "Meet Me Halfway".

They gain confidence and little wide fame and eventually entered the World Of Dance: Pomona, in which they finished third place.

She looks just like chachi but her personality and past are almost completely different!

If you don't like that don't read this story!

Other members of the crew especially Olivia "Chachi" Gonzales, trained in famous dance workshops and studios of the industry, as well as, being trained by worldwide known choreographers.

The Marvelous Motion Crew later decided to disband being unable to compete the fourth and fifth seasons of ABDC, because of the involvement of Phillip in SYTYCD.

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I locked my doors before getting my bags out of the trunk.

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