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Although the original Nespresso system is designed to be easy to use, the Vertuo takes things one step further.Pull the handle on the front and the lid mechanically lifts up, waiting for you to drop the pod into the holder in the middle.You can top up your coffee with more hot water by tapping the top button after the brewing process has completed.Or, you can change the default volumes to suit your tastes, although the factory-set amounts have been designed for each capsule.This pushes a central hole into the middle of the pod, and 18 smaller holes around the outside.

Pods are made from aluminium and are recyclable using Nespresso’s mature system: drop the capsules into a bag and either take them back to a store or arrange a free collection when you make an online order.

Pop open the lid and the pod slides on rails into the container that rear.

Impressively, the drying out process worked brilliantly and my used pods were exceptionally clean with no mess.

Some of them are similar to the tools we’re hoping for, others were surprises.

I had not anticipated that a few of you would want to see new corded power tools, and quite a few of you are yearning for Tstak and Tough System storage case inserts for your power tools.

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