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The medical examiner testified that there was a single entrance wound and two exit wounds indicating that the knife had been withdrawn, at least partially, and then reinserted into the heart.One wound path pierced the left ventricle and the other went through both the left and right ventricles, exiting the heart at the back of the right ventricle.Kristie regained consciousness sometime after Powell had left her home.

Wilkerson had recently moved to another locality, but he and Stacey remained in contact.

Powell was waiting for her at her home when she arrived.

When Powell learned that Robert Culver, a friend of the girls’ mother, would be home shortly for lunch, Powell left and returned at about p.m., after Culver had left.

Powell returned upstairs, searching for “anything worth taking.” He fixed another glass of iced tea, which he took with him when he left the home a short time later.

Powell went to a friend’s house and then drove with the friend to the District of Columbia to buy crack cocaine.

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