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During Christmas, Argo the Rat reveals to Kirito a special quest that yielded an item that could revive the dead. He bumps into Klein and his guild and later the Holy Dragon Alliance.Klein tells Kirito to go face the boss while he held off the Holy Dragon Alliance.After defeating the boss, Kirito learns that the revival item only worked on a person within 10 seconds of their death.He gives the revival item to Klein and leaves to go sulk in his room.Kirito then attacks the boss, and with Asuna and Agil's help he defeats it.Kibaou then confronts him for being a beta tester, creating discomfort between the other players, so Kirito takes all the blame to himself, takes the title of Beater and leaves to the second floor.

The anime is produced by A-1 Pictures, with the direction of Itou Tomohiko (season 1, Extra Edition, season 2, Ordinal Scale) and Ono Manabe (season 3).That night Kirito talks to Asuna and the next they head to the boss room.During the fight Diavel commands everyone and the battle flows as planned, but at the last moment Diavel attacks the boss alone but it made an unexpected move, and takes him down with a single blow.Before leaving, Kirito asks Klein to follow him to which Klein declines, saying that he was going to wait for his friends in the starting city.By the end of the first month, 2,000 out of the initial 10,000 are dead with the first floor yet to be cleared.

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