Amazon girls guide to dating a geek

The geeks are a solid mix of normal people who are a bit smart, dorky people as well as at least one who is basically Woody Allen exposed to radiation to the point where he has become an Uber-geek.

The beauties are a fairly bland collection of white women with just one ethnic minority thrown in.

So yes there is humour to watching the geeks be geeks and the beauties be a bit dippy but there is nothing on the same level as Peep Show's David Mitchell's gently sarcastic narration.

Certainly Brian Mcfayden (no, thankfully not that one) is no comparison and he is a very bland host – taking it all too seriously and having nothing about him that is interesting or original.

My first impression watching the original US version was how similar the UK one was to it – the music, the graphics, even how the people stand on the stairs all looked the same.

However the one main way that the US version is different is how seriously it takes itself – it is a "proper" game show with a host while also presenting it straight down the line.

Sadly in the US they are pretty much all the same and it does take something away from proceedings.

The new season premieres in the fall on BBC America.

CASTING Bill Gates will make a special guest appearance as himself in an upcoming episode of “The Big Bang Theory.” The episode will air in late March.

As a matter of fact, we tend to think is a truly funny show and is somehow getting even better as seasons go along.

Julia Louis Dreyfuss rightfully picks up every comedy acting award in existence but the rest of the ensemble is equally impressive.

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How will the models react to differential equations?

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