Amarok keeps updating collection

They must have uploaded the software back-to front then cause I seem to have received the ass-end of this upgrade.

upgrades are from the factory server in Germany and with our lousy internet connections it is likely that a failed connection has left traces of the new software behind and creates confusion.

An inexperienced technician and a failed connection! Then when it goes for a service, they can fiddle all they want. Then the original plug, on the other end of the supplied harness.

Cheers Graham I reported my problem to the Barons technical team.I have now done 43,000 km in 9 months with no trouble at all.I had a long chat with the Barons Technical manager today - he confirmed that something is totally amiss.An inexperienced technician and a failed connection!Frank, I seriously doubt that VW have such bad update processes and checks and balances in place.

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I am definitely unsure what you mean by your question: Ok, the problem you may be seeing is that you are getting page thrashing on that machine in turn destroying your IO bandwidth and flooding your working set with data that is not needed.

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