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Au where the girls aren't pro soccer players, just ordinary kids in college.

Flip your hair a bit and hold her gaze a little longer than usual. When it doesn’t work, get fed up and ask her out.(Fuck subtlety.) Protip #2, 3, and 4: On cooking, food, and how to not accidentally poison each other... Brave through the poorly cooked meals because she really, really tried, and you know it.(You’ll wonder how on earth someone can mess up a recipe with three ingredients. She’ll tell you later that she pretty much survived on hot pockets and ramen in college because she dormed all four years and didn’t have a kitchen, and you’ll wonder a little less. You’re not the best cook either, and you have years to get better at cooking for each other.

Stick with me, I've never written a fic before but I'll give it my best shot. She was the silent strong type but when she opened her mouth people listened. ” The figure yelled, even though the music wasn’t as loud in this part of the house.

And Alex found herself listening, found herself being calmed by her presence. Julie looked up from her now ruined white shirt and into the most gorgeous eyes she’d ever seen.

How it ends is something you'll have to find out by reading. Eventual POV switches to Alex/Tobin possibly - I love Talex to bits!

(also I don't know since it hasn't been written yet) USWNT - The 100 Crossover-Weekly updates-Clarke Griffin has just moved from Australia to America to pursue her soccer dream. AU that takes place during the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

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Carli Lloyd and Kelley O'Hara are cops trying to keep order in a city where everything is dark and seedy.

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