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When you click on the save button, the Eclipse output will appear as expected. If you change something in the html page, it'll be automaticaly picked up by Jetty, as you're in development mode (it's written in the file).

To test your newly created page, just press "Run" in eclipse.

Bright as you are, you now have a rough idea of how Wicket is working.

However, you've been told plenty of times that Wicket allows painless Ajax and you want to test it barehanded. We'll do it on a basic but pertinent need : an autosaved ajax textfield.

We won't save the text for the time, but it would be straightforward to do so.

In Wicket, to create page, you have to create the appropriate html page, with some wicket:id attributes in the "Wicket enabled components", and then map it with the Java page.

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Be aware, however, that some mecanism exists to redirect the user to some peculiar page and then back to the previous one.

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