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Matt said recently that he wanted to put out his music as soon as possible , leading us to believe we might be hearing the album sooner than expected.But it seems as though his record company want maximum exposure, and releasing it during The X Factor live shows will ensure massive sales. So we threw in the towel," he explains with a quirky charm.had such a haunting intensity that it saw him become the bookies' favourite to win at one point.And it seems that is exactly what he's done, with the first single from his forthcoming album written around a breakup he's gone through in the past two years, which is unexpectedly good - and more to the point, doesn't sound like an 'X Factor single'.Grimshaw's quality vocals shine through the dubstep tune and it's both cool enough for indie fans and mainstream enough for the clubs to play.The "hair" that he's talking about is the trademark quiff he had throughout the show - it even has its own Facebook page.Was relaxing the quiff like letting go from the show? me and the hair, I'd put it through a lot of work and I think it felt a little bit taken for granted.

the last time a band was compared with the Beatles.

Discredit the show entirely and it will almost certainly blow up in your face (see Matt 'Credible' Cardle), but embrace it too heavily and your reliance on the program will result in a short-lived career.

The task is doubly hard for Aiden Grimshaw who, after finishing ninth in 2010, should for all intents and purposes be found in the has-beens pile somewhere between Trey C Cohen and Nicolo Festa.

Almost two years later, and he appears to have achieved the seemingly impossible.

For those who remember his rendition of 'Mad World', the haunting and intensity levels have been dialled up a few more notches here as he struggles to deal with a difficult breakup.

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