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Reaction was mixed with some saying that Leicester's small size would mean lack of demand.With the outbreak of the war in 1914, talk of the University subsided.D Paul regularly called for an establishment of a University College However, no private donations to establish the University were forthcoming and the Corporation of Leicester was busy funding the School of Art and the Technical School.

Opposite the Fielding Johnson Building are the Astley Clarke Building, home to the School of Economics, and the University Sports Centre.Soon, further donations topped £100,000; many donated after they had lost loved ones in the war, donations were also for those who took part and survived. He recruited others including Miss Measham to teach Botany, Miss Sarson to teach geography, and Miss Chapuzet to teach French.The King gave his blessing to the scheme after a visit to the town in 1919. In all, 14 people started at the University when it opened its doors in October 1921: the principal, the secretary, 3 lecturers and nine students (eight women and one man).We offer a lifetime of free advice and support once you have taken your new addition home.View dogs and cats currently looking for homes on our website and you can complete an "Interested Parties Form" for a dog or cat online too.

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