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It doesn't kill the sound on your machine nor does it make any difference in sound quality as far as I can tell. It seems that Realtek was really impairing the system for me."I fixed mine by doing the following: Open task manager, go to the startup tab and disable the Realtek HD audio manager.Reboot the machine." THANKS, this worked perfectly fine with my Lenovo Yoga 300!!I bought it with windows 8.1 and updated to 10 a while ago.First it was the windows update KB3081424 that was causing it.Not only is it just plain annoying for everyday use, it makes gaming impossible, which it shouldn't, given the specs of the laptop.I'm going to try to exchange it, maybe that will fix it I have the yoga 3 and this just started happening to me.Removing the Windows update or going back to the previous mouse driver does not solve the problem.I am really mad about this, hope they come up with a solution fast.

Should I just take it back to the store and try to exchange it? It is one of the updates, but not what you'd think.Specs: Intel Core i5 5200u Nvidia Geforce GT 940M 2GB8GB RAMLink to Best Buy listing Thanks for the help, sorry for so much text, first paragraph has the main info, rest of it is just to eliminate some answers I'm sure I'd get. Didn't work for me, however, I checked for updates and installed one that was pending, which solved my problem. I would make sure that there are no pending updates, then uninstall recent ones if that doesn't resolve it. There is evidently an incompatibility between one of the updates and the Realtek sound manager.I fixed mine by doing the following: Open task manager, go to the startup tab and disable the Realtek HD audio manager. Or, you can go into processes and kill the process for it.I noticed that it will lag on one monitor but won't on the other.Then sometimes it won't lag at all on a restart. It's worrying that three people here have the same problem...

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I don't know what's the cause or what's the purpose of FMAPP.exe, but it helped me. I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro and I am having the same problem.

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