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Then choose his age, power, intelligence and magic.A festival was held in her honor, and she was shoved off on an unwanted quest to save the world. Armed with an ever-ready p*ssy and befriended by a buxom warroriess called Pina who she met in the Orc Forest, bitch JK Akemi set off on a pornquest, hoping to find her brother and tasked with defeating the demon lord.More than anything, though, Akemi was curious to see what can be f*cked!The RPG part plays out like many other RPG Maker games, but the game also made the interesting decision of powering up Akemi's weapons with new abilities at various points in the game.For example, after gaining the ability to break rocks with her sword, Akemi can go back to past areas to reach previously unreachable treasure or to open up new paths to new maps.

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She was having her brother at school like usual when all of a sudden a brilliant light engulfed her.

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