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He reported to City Council on Monday night that a man found an available building on U. 68 South while searching the Alliance’s website on Friday.

It is being offered to workers at small businesses throughout the state by the BWC.When Wes first went to ONU, he started in marketing but eventually moved on, feeling it wasn’t hands-on enough for him and didn’t offer him the creative freedom he desired, “and I guess I’m a creative guy.” “I pictured myself doing something with my hands, and I feel like I can do that on my computer – I’m using a computer, but I’m also using my mind and I’m creating stuff, which is something I felt like I needed to do,” he said.“And I wanted to stay close to Hardin County, because this is where my friends, family and church are; this is where I want to be.” It’s difficult to find a graphic design job in Hardin County, Wes added, “and I was glad that Jon (Cross, HCCBA president and CEO) picked me up here.” Wes designs and creates many of the graphics for the chamber’s social media and its emails.Residents many want to run the water before using it in case there is some rust in it, said Chief Tim Clark.– Heard Cody Barker from the street department report city workers used the new road patching machine, the Duropatcher, to patch holes on both North and South Wayne Street. Wes Goldsmith believes he is doing just what he was created to do: graphic design.

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