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This report attempts to show their qualities as well as any differences between the rifles, so buyers can make an informed choice. It’s been around longer, and I’ve tested it many times over the past few decades.The Walther LGU is brand new, and the 4-part report I wrote about it was thorough, but cannot compete with the volume of reports I’ve written about the TX.Since this is a brand-new rifle, it hasn’t had the testing exposure that the TX has had.

Both rifles have similar power; but when I tested a brand-new gun, the LGU was a bit slower than advertised. with Premier lites and keeps increasing in velocity as it’s shot. and will probably increase with use, though my testing was not sufficient to evaluate that.

In my limited testing, there seemed to be about a 30-40 f.p.s.

difference between the rifles in favor of the TX200 Mark III, though this may vanish as the LGU breaks in.

The shooter cannot detect any sound reduction, because the sound of the powerplant is conducted through the facial bones, but bystanders can tell the TX200 Mark III is a very quiet spring rifle.

The safety comes on automatically when the rifle’s cocked, and it’s located on the left rear of the receiver, where it favors a right-handed shooter. It certainly is heavier than you want to carry while hunting all day unless you add a sling.

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