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Activity will really pick up once the young start to hatch.

The male will begin to catch more prey which he will deliver to the nest and his mate.

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Signs of hatching consist of the female moving around more since she feels (and hears) the young falcons moving around in their eggs.

So far things have been pretty quiet at this nest site (which is good).

Today would be day 19 of incubation if they fully began incubation on April 5. Imagine being a falcon and having to sit in the same place for a month!

The female, who does the majority of incubation, does get breaks to feed, preen and stretch her wings.

The female, 41/AX has laid a full clutch of four eggs which are being incubated!One in Atlantic City hatched two young and one on the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge (where there is also a camera on the nest) hatched four young late last week.This is the time of year when NJ Fish & Wildlife biologists and CWF staff are working to deploy a motion activated, remote "spy cam" at nests to read the leg bands of the adult birds as they enter and exit the nestbox.Hatch watch at this nest begins on the first weekend in May.Several other falcon nests in NJ have already hatched young.

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