Accommodating guests at home divorce and dating with young children

Clean towels are a must, of course, but think what else people might need.

I keep spare bottles of Trader Joe's shampoo and conditioner in the shower, and face wipes and a hair dryer by the sink. They're a luxury, but you don't have to actually spend anything on them.

It's a tiny touch, but one that always feels super grownup and classy — especially in the summertime when we're always thirsty.

If you have a spare bathroom for guests, as we do (our New York friends call this luxurious setup a ), then make sure it's all prepped.

I have a couple teeny bottles saved, and I like to put a sprig of herbs or flowers from the yard — any pretty weed will do — and set it by the guest room bed.

Living downtown came with trade offs and reducing our square footage and giving up garage storage were by far the biggest.

So, now that you have decluttered and simplified here are….. #1: Sleep in the small bedroom Chances are your 2 bedroom home has one bedroom larger than the other.If I am handling breakfast, I always make something ahead — whether it's just oatmeal, or some muffins, or a casserole. We write our internet network name and password on old business cards of my husband's and place them in the guest room.Sometimes I pull out all the stops and make cinnamon rolls. Sometimes I also make one special snack, like a dip and some crackers, to pull out during afternoon activities. You could also tack one on the fridge for easy access.The women felt transformed when, for the first time in their lives, they realized it wasn’t their bodies that were “wrong”-it was their bras!Do you think your table and chairs are right, but your house is “wrong”?

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Convention says this larger room is for the “masters” and the smaller room for the kids, guests or an office.

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