800a0cb3 current recordset does not support updating

Close Set rs = Nothing Set cn = Nothing please explain step by step in detail.. Database and excel are same folder in same PC updating without problem.

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I have tried with different versions of ADO (from the same machine, where ADO 2.6 is installed), but no change. Open "select * from parameter where var_id = 2272 and produkt_id = 34810 order by sub_index", o Con, ad Open Dynamic, ad Lock Pessimistic o RS("pvalue") = "0" o RS.

The error is however related to something with ADO, the exact same code works on some machines. Update End Sub Private Sub Form_Load() Set o Con = New ADODB. Connection String = "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1; Password=xxx; User ID=xxx; Initial Catalog=xxx; Data Source=(local); Use Procedure for Prepare=1; Auto Translate=True; Packet Size=4096; Workstation ID=xxx; Use Encryption for Data=False; Tag with column collation when possible=False" o Con. Recordset End Sub The db is designed as follows: create table parameter ( var_id int not null, /* FK variabel(id) */ produkt_id int not null, /* FK produkt(id) */ sub_index smallint not null, pvalue varchar (3192) ); Bad idea.

occuring error like "current recordset does not support updating.

this may be a limitation of the provider" Dim cn As New ADODB. Recordset Dim db As Variant Dim str SQL As String Dim w Sheet Name As Variant db = "\SIMPLAN-SWATHI\Users\mgt\dbdata.accdb" //Network DB path cn.

If access the excel and link the database from network PC, the above problem is occurring.

This may be a limitation of the provider , or of the selected locktype ." Set rs = New ADODB.

This may be a limitation of the provider, or of the selected locktype. Don Smith (remove the anitspams to email) Don, the error that I sometimes get is something like "Must use an Updateable Query" To fix this, I: 1. Current Record Set does not support updating Oracle 8 Hello, While inserting a blob into a long field I get this error "Current Record Set does not support updating. Open "Select syh_contents,syh_length from sysadm.sy_history where syh_key =" & n My Key, mvar Conn, ad Open Keyset, ad Lock Optimistic ms Stream.

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The error dissapears when I remove the "order by" part of the select, so for some reason the "order by" causes the problem. If I do, I have to set the recordset type to static, which is not updatable (unless I use updatebatch, which I don't want). You only need to use Update Batch if you are using a "disconnected recordset." So long as you keep an open connection, the static cursor allows for updates.

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