8 simple rules for dating my ex wife

You may also have to learn about dealing with difficult husbands, because sometimes they cause unnecessary problems with their ex-wives.No matter how angry his ex-wife is, or how frustrated or hurt you are, don’t involve your husband’s kids in the problems.If you feel like your husband is part of the problem, read How to Fix a One Sided Relationship.by Sally Bjornsen will help you cope with your husband’s toxic ex-wife – and other toxic family relationships – by showing you how to survive the holidays, custody, finances, and other complications of marrying a man who was married before.The kids are (probably) innocent bystanders – and you’d be better off focusing on connecting with your step children instead of involving them in adult marriage and remarriage problems.To solve marriage problems before they begin, read Second Marriages That Work – 10 Tips for “Happily Ever After.” If you think your husband made a bad marriage choice in the past, shake off your resentment or anger.For instance, can you have lunch with your husband’s ex wife?

Do whatever it takes to make your remarriage successful: attend workshops, read books with your husband, go to family counseling.That might soften her, make her less angry or negative.To build a better marriage, you might need to take the first step towards peace and friendship.“Marriage is not a noun; it’s a verb,” says relationship expert and author Barbara De Angelis. Focus on what she does well, and tell her how much you admire that trait.You’re not being a sycophant or brown noser; you’re focusing on the positive qualities of your husband’s ex-wife.

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