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I’m excited to share a new way I’ve been writing ethnographic fieldnotes, called live fieldnoting.

I spoke about live fieldnoting in a recent interview with Fast Company that also featured a slideshow of my live fieldnotes. At one point in time, all ethnographers wrote their notes down with a physical pen and paper. With all these options, I have struggled to come up with the perfect fieldnote system.

Live fieldnotes demonstrates the combination of two activities that are central to ethnographic research, 1.) the ethnographer’s participation in a social world and 2.) the ethnographer’s written account of the world through her/his participation.

Live fieldnotes are typically comprised of a one to five sentences.

Live fieldnoting takes after the practice of liveblogging.So using a laptop is inevitable as all notes eventually end up there and are cleaned up there.But the problem with a digital pen, notebook, and laptop is that they are all extra things that have to be carried with you or they add extra steps to the process.) or friends, I saw its potential as a research app for fieldwork.But I was worried about Instagram being blocked in China as many other social apps are inaccessible.

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