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Bush travelpd to 50 counnrics over 86 days dur- ing his four years as president. “Frankly, judge, wc find this idea offensive," Howen said.Clinton in his first term visited '49 countries in 81 days. Out of Male rates: daily and Maqie Vaa*ir si n mpap.r* me. 3 Ret^ Advertisiiig (Mike Smit, Advertising Director) £xt. Meehl said he thought Thrush has shown genuine remorse over Hailey’s death, and seems sincere in' wanting to educate people about _s^en-baby syndrome.The Forest Service conclud- ed the road couldn’t be rebuilt without harming bull trout, a threatened species that lives in the adjacent Jurbidge River. Ofncialeiiyand Ol Mj SCnpu On lu CCb coawy newspaper pursuant to Section .6C- Home delivery: daily and Sunday. In December 1999, Meehl ordered Thrush to spend six months in jail, but said he would consider a psycholo^cal eval- uation before issuing a final sen- tence.Elko County, which^aims it owns the road, "started repair work three years ago but stopped a day later when state and feder- al officials ordered them to stop. District Judge David Hagen put the suit on hold and ordered all sides into mediation. That decision, which could have allowed Thrush to be released on probation without additional dme behind bars, drew widespread "Criticism; Meehl said Thursday he accepts full responsibility for any controver- sy regarding his rulings.

Gore waded through the thousands of delegates - bar- rel-chested in an open suit coat, both arms upraised, slapping high fives. ” as, in a 51-minute speech he insisted he wrote himself, their choice for president touched on their favorite issues, from cam- . At the end, Gore and his family were Joined by running mate Joe Lieberman and his family, as metallic confetti and balloons rained down. Even as he drew adulation from a hull packed with adoring Dcmocnits, Gore acknowledged up front his dry reputation. \ know that sometimes people say I'm too serious, that 1 talk too inuch substance oiid 'policy. 1 mw By Mark Heinz Times-News writer TWIN FALLS - Facing the mother of the 2-year-old girl he pleaded guilty to killing, Jesse Thrush said he would use his freedom to ensure the child’s death from shaken-baby syn- ‘ drome wouldn’t be in memory vain. memory strong in our hearts, and maybe save irur\M s(i\ the lives of other chil- of otht TC dren," Thrush said in court Thursday, speak- — Jc.President Reagan traveled to 25 countries in his eight-year tenure. Twin Falls, daily and Sunday S6.00 per week, daily Idaho 83303. Times-News telephone directory Circulation (Daniel Walock, Circulation Direaor) Ext. When Hailey wa Vkilled.'THhish apparently suffered what courts used to call temporary insanity, Mechl said.Clinton has become the first president to visit Botswana, Bulgaria and the Balkan s. “You flipped,” Meehl told Thrushi Even so, it is evident that Thrush is still in partial denial over the enormity of his crime and the pain it has caused, Mechl said. Meehl ordered Thrush inunediate- _The1m»Nen» ^ Information ly placed in the custody of the Idaho Department of Correction.- “I think it’s improper for them to (dose roads without hearings,” said Elko lawyer Grant Gerber, a key player in the dispute. designated u the day of the week on which Mall suhscripiinns muu be paid in advance legal notices will be published, and are available only where delivery Is Postmaster, plca.e send change of not maintained. That is why Thrush needs to serve more time, he s^d. But as much of the sentence as possible should be served in a county jail, rather than the state prison, because TTirush’s background as law enforcement officer is well-known, Mcehl said.A portion of the ^uth Canyon Road washed out in a flood in 1995. Thrush also told Mcehl he was sorry for the controversy surround- ing the case, especially criticism directed at Mcehl.

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Democrats, at their national convention in New York wore T-shirts proclaiming “George Bush’s around-the-worjd- tour,” which listed all the coun- ' tries Bush had visited.

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