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A UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying match involving the national association football teams of Serbia and Albania took place on 14 October 2014 at Partizan Stadium, in Belgrade, Serbia.

The match was abandoned after several on and off the field incidents.

The Serbian side claimed that this was a staged political provocation from the Albanian side, and accused an Albanian VIP attending the match, Olsi Rama, brother of prime minister Edi Rama, of piloting the drone, and searched him for the remote.

The accusation was vehemently rejected by Rama himself.

The Football Association of Serbia, Albanian Football Association, and UEFA had all mutually agreed to ban Albanian fans from attending the game for precautionary reasons, unless they did not carry any kind of Albanian paraphernalia.

According to the Albanian Football Association, on the day of the game, the Albanian team bus was hit with stones thrown by Serbian fans, and a chunk of concrete was thrown at them while on the field, as well as "coins, lighters and other objects" which were hurled at players during pre-game warm-ups.

Around 15 minutes into the game, the first flare was thrown on the pitch.

I strongly condemn what happened in Belgrade last night." The Serbian Foreign Minister, Ivica Dačić, has said that the flag incident was a "political provocation", and "The main question for me is how will the European Union and UEFA react, because if someone from Serbia had unveiled a flag of Greater Serbia in Tirana or Pristina it would already be on the agenda of the U. Serbian authorities later claimed that Albania was "not mature enough" to join the European Union because "statements by leaders of the Albanian government demonstrate that they knew such a provocation was being prepared".

This prompted the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to summon the Serbian envoy and cast further doubt on a visit by Albania's Prime Minister Edi Rama to Belgrade on 22 October, the first of its kind in almost 70 years.

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Responsibility for the drone was immediately claimed by the Shvercerat, a fan group of the Macedonian club FK Shkupi, a club operated by Albanians, although no evidence has surfaced to support their claim.

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