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And Judaism as if it were quarantined from the rest of the world, depite the Diaspora, despite Philo, despite Josephus, despite the Hellenistic influences upon the Second Temple literature, despite scholarly discoveries of “Judaism“, not “a/the Judaism”.More to the point of the question of “high context culture”, Casey appears not to have read Doherty’s book for himself.Even New Testament scholars, by and large, study only aspects of ancient society that they feel are directly relevant to the New Testament writings.In reaction to this an increasing number of NT scholars (e.g.Ronald Hock in ) have attempted to encourage their peers to read more widely the literary works of the Greeks and Romans since even if they do not at first appear relevant to the Gospels or epistles, they do nonetheless bring out so much more understanding of the world of the authors of the NT.What Doherty does in his works is to explain the long-term stable cultural background thinking and understandings among Mediterranean peoples at the time of early Christianity in order to better understand many of the otherwise cryptic allusions in Paul’s and other NT authors’ letters.Blogger Casey scoffs at Doherty’s explanation of the thought-world of Paul and how this elucidates so much of what Paul himself understood by Jesus Christ and the gospel.

How old and established in the details of the life of Jesus were the churches addressed by Paul in his letters?

No, as Emeritus Professor Maurice Casey would say, “everything is wrong with this.” In a high context culture one does not need to explain what is said or acted upon; it does not mean one does not need to say anything at all.

Hall’s thesis explains what Paul DOES say, not what he does NOT say.

That is what Hall’s work, , warns us what happens when outsiders enter a new culture without understanding it.

We can’t just assume Paul meant “earthly rulers” if that is not supported by our wider cultural study of the words Paul used. He explains away Paul’s failure to ever mention anything of the details of Jesus’ last days by saying none of it needed to be even mentioned because Paul was writing in the context of a ‘high context culture’.

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Maybe Malina’s absence from the web explains why Blogger Casey has shown absolutely no knowledge of this anthropologist’s 1976 work in any of his books, Jesus of Nazareth (2010), even when he was discussing various ancient and modern cultures.

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