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Condemns the continued flow of arms, including small arms and light weapons, and of improvised explosive devices into Afghanistan and in particular to terrorist organisations; calls for increased cooperation in Afghanistan and the region to tackle the illegal arms trade; 10.Notes the conclusion of the Joint Way Forward informal readmission agreement between the EU and Afghanistan; regrets the lack of parliamentary oversight and democratic control on the conclusion of this agreement; strongly regrets the increasing return of Afghan refugees from Europe, given that Afghanistan is not a safe country for its inhabitants and even less so for refugees and returnees; underlines that deportations to Afghanistan put the lives of returnees at grave risk, in particular those of single persons without a network of family or friends in Afghanistan who stand little chance of survival; underlines that the volatile security situation in Afghanistan, perpetuated by the Taliban and other terrorist groups, risks trapping refugees in a vicious circle of displacement and readmission; insists that EU development cooperation to Afghanistan should not be seen through the prism of migration; recalls that development assistance must not be conditional on cooperation on migration management, but must focus on where the need is greatest and on ensuring respect for the human rights and fundamental freedoms of the refugees; 11.whereas an estimated 1.3 million people are internally displaced in Afghanistan; whereas Afghanistan is facing an unprecedented number of both documented and undocumented returnees from Pakistan and other neighbouring countries; whereas human rights and humanitarian organisations have noted a campaign of mass forced returns from Pakistan; O.whereas the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) assumed the lead responsibility for security in 2014; P.whereas the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), which was established in 2002, supports the Afghan Government in its efforts to achieve peace, the protection of human rights and good governance; whereas its mandate is renewed annually by the UN Security Council and was most recently unanimously extended to 2018; M.whereas poppy production for illegal narcotics has increased substantially in recent years; whereas the illegal drugs trade is a major source of revenue for the Taliban; whereas opium grown in Afghanistan is the primary source of heroin entering the EU; N.-1825), veterinary surgeon in the Bengal Army and superintendent of the Company's stud in Bengal 1808-25, apparently employed as a secret agent, chiefly relating to his journey to Bukhara 1820-25 and describing the Himalayan regions through which he passed.Before ordering see printed catalogue for full description and shelfmarks.51 volumes, 1812 - 1825RICH (Claudius James)Rich Collection: papers of Claudius James Rich (1787-1820), traveller and East India Company's Resident at Baghdad 1808-21, chiefly relating to his residence and travels in Mesopotamia and Kurdistan and including journals, field sketches, maps, astronomical, meteorological and survey notes, on which was based much of his `Narrative of a residence in Koordistan...

Emphasises that progress must be achieved through an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned political process with political, financial and technical assistance provided by the EU and other international, multilateral and regional partners; 3.Recalls that the production and trafficking of opium in Afghanistan has devastating consequences on the local population and the overall security of the country; stresses therefore the importance of stemming the production and flow of opium in order to address drug trafficking and the financing of terrorism; urges the EU to work with regional partners in order to support the implementation of the Afghan National Drug Control Strategy; welcomes the support the EU gives to the regional UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) programme on counter-narcotics; 8.Emphasises the need for a sustained effort by the Afghan Government and international partners to support job creation and the conditions for stable and sustainable investment in order to tackle unemployment, and in particular youth employment, as a way of preventing radicalisation; welcomes the accession of Afghanistan to the WTO; 9.whereas life expectancy and living standards remain low but have improved substantially over the past 15 years; whereas access to primary healthcare and access to education have risen significantly; I.whereas despite the rise in living standards in recent years, political instability and stalled progress by the National Unity Government are hampering further improvements in the fragile state; whereas the unemployment rate in Afghanistan is 39% and over 39% of the population live in poverty; whereas there has been no substantial reduction in aid dependency; J.

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